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Highlight & Flexibility.

MAXIMUS distributes a line of luminous displays that grant a strong and immediate communicative impact, thanks to their technological and dimensional features that make them suitable for transit places (fairs, exhibitions, supermarket, petrol pumps, etc.) and for information on the selling point.

Rotating luminous display.

The winning feature of this rear lighted display stands in its control device.
The rotation of the posters is controlled by a dedicated software (Activemedia Display).
The mounting of the structure and the replacement of the posters are extremely quick and easy

Roma is available in the following formats:
1000x700 mm, 1200x800 mm, 1400x1000mm

Six Picture Luminous Displays for indoor use.

Its panels hold six homogeneously illuminated posters.
Its automatic and continuous movement
efficiently highlights any kind of message,
particularly in crowded places.

Venezia is available in the following formats:
700x500 mm. 1000x700 mm.

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