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Functionality & Lightness.

Maximus widens its range with a new line of holders, whose main features are: neat design, simple mounting and positioning.

They are easy to transport and to update and meet the need for a spot communication, connected with special events and targets.


The solid beech base is H shaped,in order to guarantee the stabilityof the structure, without affectingthe product design.
The structure is made of thin steel pipes.

The banner's ends are fixed directly tothe structure which keeps it stretched.

Rossini is available in the following formats:
2000x500mm, 2000x800 mm


The structure is identical to thatof the Rossini model.
Two steel wires and a variable number of clamps hold one or more banners, eithermade of hard plastic or cloth.

Notices and printed posters can be placed ina special Plexiglas compartment; of the same material, also a folder caseis available to complete this holder.

Vivaldi is available in the following formats:
2000x800 mm


Discreet, simple,efficient:
these adjectives perfectly describe this
holder, small in size but extremely efficient.

The 20/10 chequer plate aluminium base
holds a vertical panel on which transparent
Plexiglas folder compartments can be fastened.

Verdi is available in the following formats:
1500x450 mm

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